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Our consultants use our own project management system LEADER in approaching all projects. Listen, Engage, Ask Questions, Decision, Evaluation, Recommendation.


We select our consultants not only for their expertise, but we carefully evaluate their people and communication skills. 

Attention to Detail

We pay close attention and become familiar with the role, scope and mission of the institution before we make a site visit. We are sensitive to these aspects of the institution and as we go through the process, we reflect on the impact our recommendations in these areas will have.


Staying true to and being consistent in the message sent to the market being served is critical for institutional effectiveness at all levels.


We periodically engage the client at meaningful points during the process to assure the engagement stays on target and does not get sidetracked with ancillary issues.


Client collaboration and cooperation are key components of our LEADER philosophy and require open communication channels to assure the solutions and recommendations are relevant, practical and reasonable.


We employ experts in the various areas we serve and stay abreast of cutting edge research, benchmark studies, and attend various conferences that address issues in higher education.


Attending these conferences, seminars and workshops allow opportunities to network with colleagues and gain firsthand knowledge of what does and does not work for other colleges and universities.

Integrity, Trust & Honesty

We know that our role as consultants requires the highest levels of integrity, trust and honesty in order for our 

recommendations to be respected and considered for implementation.


We welcome any feedback from clients who feel our consultants have not exhibited these core values.


We work diligently to show our appreciation for the confidence that clients have placed in us by allowing us to become a part of the team.​

Giving Back

The founding principals of The Heritage Group are career education professionals. For this reason, we desire to give back to these schools and institutions by pledging 10% of all fees earned for a scholarship to a deserving student.

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