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Branding & Marketing

Executive Search

Strategic Planning

Executive Search
& Consultation Services

Choosing the right leaders for key positions in all colleges and universities is, in our view, the most critical component to the institution’s success in achieving its goals. However, the interest in these positions is typically robust and the process of screening and selecting the best qualified people for these positions can be time consuming for administrators and also faculty search committees. Our founders have over 80 years of firsthand experience working in various executive capacities in academia, from Department Head to President, which makes us uniquely qualified to evaluate applicants for these high level positions. We can streamline this process dramatically by working with the university requirements and bring an objective perspective to an often cumbersome and lengthy process.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning and policy projects cover a broad spectrum and often include components of review, assessment, and evaluation while working to assist the administration and stakeholders in formulating their long-term vision for the institution. We devote our resources toward fully understanding the mission, vision, and role of the institution in the community it serves and provides solutions that align with their mission. Our comprehensive approach involves soliciting input from all stakeholders, administration, faculty, students, general public and donors.

Branding & Marketing

All colleges and universities know their student profile. The raw data of where they came from, their GPA, SAT or ACT score, and other related information depending on how the university gives a picture of the student. However, at Heritage, we believe that is only the tip of the iceberg. Why students come to a particular college or university is just as important as their SAT score. At Heritage, we explore the reasons “why” these kinds of decisions are made through surveys, focus groups, and one on one interviews. The result of these activities can be very enlightening. Sometimes the “brand” that the university thinks it is projecting to the public can be very different from how it is perceived in the minds of potential students. Knowing your market thoroughly and targeting it appropriately can reap benefits far beyond increased enrollments. For those institutions that have not cultivated or considered “branding”, we can offer strategies that can strengthen the awareness of the institution in the public sphere.

Public & Community

Colleges and universities do not operate in a vacuum. Although they are often self-contained “cities within a city”, their success depends heavily on how they cultivate relationships outside of the campus. Often, because of limited resources and time, college administrators, faculty and staff are not effective in fostering relationships outside of their work environment. The critical areas of concern are: board relationships, endowment and fundraising activities, community relations, business partnerships (both public and private) and alumni relations and development. Each of these activities has its own unique set of challenges that demand a proven strategy that will deliver the desired outcome. Heritage creates mission specific solutions designed to be efficient and effective in each of these areas while maintaining a close relationship with those stakeholders involved.

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